Lets have a look at what fresh fruits the Audiobaum has recently grown. It is the first review for 2015 and also a quite special occasion for me. But let me explain that a little later. Recue and Jolea, two Helsinki based electronica artists have released a fresh collab EP on the Audiobaum label. Both artists are known each for their signature style and I looked forward very much to reviewing this.

Lets first get the technical stats out of the way: This is a six track EP in the standard edition and a ten track EP in the special edition I have liked to. 8 of the ten tracks can be previewed on the bandcamp page. If you want the special edition, you can opt for either the 12” Vinyl for 12$ or the digital only release for 8$. The 10 tracks total about 40 minutes of very fine music.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me introduce Recue. I have had my eyes and ears on him already many years ago, when I discovered a live set he did with one of my favorite artists then. Its a live set from the sun dance festival 2005. I can not put a finger on what captured me in that collaboration but I will leave that to be explored another time. Recue after that released seveal EPs that you should explore. “All the wrong places” was originally released on Rednetic Records as rn018 and is now available on Bandcamp to celebrate the release I should be talking about right now. “Leftover Love” was released 2010 and is in fact one of my first purchases on Bandcamp. What matters though is, that it already carries a track written by Jolea that should work as a guide to this new release called “We’re not like the most”.

Enough about history. We established that Jolea and Recue have history together and I remember it as very enjoyable. Jolea, best known for very expressive vocal interpretations combined with finest electronica on one hand - Recue on the other with very a pleasing electronic and minimal style that is everything but repetetive. What should we expect? It is hard to put into words.

“We’re not like the most” is again not a piece of music to listen to while I sit and have breakfast. It requires some sort of attention and openness. I would probly not expect my local radio station to play any track from this EP (even though they should). These 10 tracks deliver a broad spectrum of styles, that range from minimalistic electronica, carried by deep and melancholic vocal melodies (here, here) to quite driven tracks (here, here). The latter very much reminds me of the first tracks of Recue I heard, so does “Knives Are Falling” which carries some ambient flavour somewhere in its innards.

All the tracks on the EP are quire dark. Even though it does not drip with sadness or reek of self-pity. Quite the oppsite, because there is a hint of playfulness in many of the tracks. I would not recommend putting any of them in your birthday party set anyway. For a quiet hour - and remembering what I did 10 years ago with the sundance live set - this is perfect. Some tracks may even be suitable to be put in a DJ set and are quite close to being dancable. Decide for yourself what you make of it.

I went for the 12” Vinyl and can not wait for it to arrive. I can not say anything about the press quality though and I would not feel comfortable to say anything about that someone else would then rely on. I am no capacity in that field. I will report back with results anyway. In the meantime enjoy the digital release like I do.

Support all the artists! … and thank you for listening.