When I found out about it, I was very excited, then I had a listen and was excited still. You should be, too. It is good: On the 12th of August this year, the Manna Frost Trio releases their new album “Overgrowth” and I feel very delighted as well as honored for that I have been given the chance to listen to it already. Thank you, Manna Frost Trio.

A little birdy told me, it will be available on Bandcamp as digital release as well as on CD. With its 12 tracks this Album forms an arc that I would like to tell you about - as always trying not to take away your joy exploring it yourself.

Neatly arranged in a row like chapters of a good book, the tracks tell the story of this album - “Overgrowth”. Mostly in quiet tones but not without the occasional outbreak of guitars and percussion. Nevertheless the songs do not sound flat or even boring but quite the opposite: Very much like a neatly told chapter of a story instead. With variations, changes, turns and periods of quiet.

The story of this album seems to be divided in three parts - the first and the third being bound together by the second (who would have guessed?). To elaborate: The album starts with some more or less playful songs, that lead into a bridge of instrumental tracks. These make way for the last songs of the album, that sound a little more thoughtful and heavy - at least they lack the lightheartedness and tongue-in-cheek manner of some of their predecessors in the lyrics.

And even though I only gave myself about 3 hours with this album and could not take in all the lyrics, I come out of this experience, with slightly sepia tinted scenes from someones life replaying in my head. Not much music does that to me.

Like “As for Martinton”, this is no Album for easy listening and it would be a big mistake to just let this album be the background of some dinner party. It deserves more. Its deep enough to fall in love with. It is of a compelling kind of musicality. Is it supposed to be yet another Americana Album with 12 identical songs? It is not. This album features 12 unique songs - each one of them being worth a whole page of review. Even though it is very close to “As for Martinton” genre-wise, I at least think it wanders quite a lot further into the world of telling stories using music and ambience. It feels complete, whole, yet not polished or forced into shape. All the pieces fall into place very neatly. And I do suspect, it was a whole lot of work. It shows.

When this album is released, have a listen, fall in love for yourself and support the Manna Frost Trio. I already fell for it. 12th of August is not that far away anymore.

Edit (20.7.): I forgot to tell you, that if you are really curious, you can already listen to the first single “Show Up Alone” of the new Album on Bandcamp. I leave it to you to find out, in which part of the album this song is located.

Stay amused!