Just a short note from the australian label Milk! Records, who also publish amongst other really good artists Courtney Barnett. We like her and we already wrote about her EPs in the past.

Milk! Records is about to release a crowdfunded 10” Compilation containing 5 Tracks from 5 of their artists and they want YOU to contribute to the funding. There are 28 days left and at the time of writing, they are short of only A$50.

If you are in AU, you can pick up the vinyl as a reward for A$30 + A$ 8-12 shipping costs, depending on where you live. Other countries pay A$ 18 in shiping.

If you would like to support the release, please contribute here. If not, you can at least look at some pictures of the artists, doing their best.

Stay entertained and keep supporting the Artists.