… because we already know.

As so very often with my favorites, it is pretty hard, to put a name on what WeAreCastor does and I want to break the silence for a second and tell you about the music these people put out there.

I found their first release Bon Voyage on the cross genre label SectionZ - of course via Bandcamp - early this year when it was released. At first I was afraid to listen to it because the woman on the cover has a look on her face as if she was planning to kill every last person who tries to. In the end this was one of the reasons I could not resist to give it a try. I was not disappointed.

SectionZ’s main release policy is “excellence>genre” - as seen on their label page. WeAreCastor does a pretty good job in being the perfect example for this simple policy. Bon Voyage combines the best elements of electronica, dubstep, western, blues, several flavors of folk and some elements I can not put my finger on. Their secret ingredients are definitely the vocals, that seem rather carefree and effortless, yet you can not escape them.

Each song traverses several genres without trying to fit into any of them. Yet none of the genres stands insulted. They are excellent at bringing together what we did not know needed to be put together. Two outstanding examples are Trouble Will Come and Eskimo, the first being a dubstep element infested diabolic electronic feast followed by the latter - a world music inspired hip-hop piece from the ice cold home of the Inuit. Two songs later, they deliver a french disco pop piece named Rosebuds. This sparking lunacy goes on for the rest of the album. Even if reading this might make you feel dizzy (writing it certainly did), it sounds like all music was supposed to sound like that.

I can only recommend this album. If you find yourself sitting on your couch with the intolerable urge to listen to something great, but all your music seems dull and gray, this shameless crossover album is your ticket out of this misery.

Is it a coincidence that WeAreCastor are about to release a new album next month? No. Is it a coincidence that they have a Pre-Order and some songs available on their Bandcamp page? No, it is not. They have three songs from their new release Invade & Disco available to listen to and they are again very happily jumping all the genres. This sounds like we are expecting another great release. So - if you like them, pre-order now! - Is it a coincidence that there are so many links to the pre-order page of this new and upcoming release of WeAreCastor in this paragraph? No, it is not. It is a sign that you have to go there and listen to it. Not later this week, not when you get home, not when you find the time - do it NOW.

As always, thank you for reading and “SUPPORT ALL THE ARTISTS!”.

Edit (21.7.): The Album has been released to the customers that preordered on Bandcamp (and possibly other platforms) and is available for purchase to everybody.