This page is about the music I (jg, the author) find, while surfing the web. If I think it is notable, I write what I think about it.

A small Q&A

I have this new release of my project/band/client! Can you review it?

Yes, sure. I will be honest about my opinion of it, though. If that is what you like: feel free. As well, I can not guarantee, that I can review it instantaneously or release the review to a specified date. I will try though.

Please send your releases along with information about the nature of your inquiry at the addresses stated here. I will not do international return shipping of items, but I am happy to send your items back, if you provide a return address in Germany.

If you are sending a digital release, I prefer FLAC or high quality MP3. Physical media may be compact cassette, CD or Vinyl (which takes a little longer, because my record player is not that portable).

What does “snd();” stand for?

“snd” stands for “sound” and it is a much more common abbreviation than “msc” would be for “music”. The “();” has no special meaning here, but describes a function call in many programming languages. Here it just serves as fancy looking junk. It looks just great and hip, does it not?

Do you have the wisdom and knowledge it takes to write about music?

Short answer: No. The longer version includes bragging about how long and diverse my journey in music has been so far, but none of it is credible. Due to that, I will leave you with a “no”.

Do you think that your understanding in music is the real one / the only one? Do you think you know what is good and bad music?

Absolutely not. I think I know pretty well which music I do and do not like, but I have been surprised by myself many times in that matter. Music I really liked and which I was very fond of before, I now nearly loath - or the other way around. That happens to all of us, I guess, but it is not very pleasing if I have to read that I “loved that song so much” a few years ago and now, if I hear it, I have the absolute urge to visit the facilities. That - I guess - I have to live with :).

Why don’t you provide a rating?

Why should I? Let me ask you in return what I think is an exceedingly cheesy question: How do you measure the greatness of an artist’s work? Also, I am very excited about new stuff and so all reviewed material would probably end up receiving the highest of ratings anyway. Decide which answer you like best.

I bought some music you said was good. It was not.

You may be right, I might even agree with you. Only because I like music, it is not necessarily good. And I try to avoid being absolute about my comments and to emphasize that it is my personal opinion. Listen and decide for yourself. Feel free to disagree. That is the fun about it, anyway. :)

You are very fuzzy about genres!

Yes, I am. And that is because

  • it is quite often very hard for me to decide and
  • I can not remember all their fancy names

I feel very much like CDDB (wait, what?!) in that regard. Please forgive me, that I am sometimes just imagining stuff or inventing idiotic new stuff (Like e.g. “space rock psycho trance”). It is what I think it should be called.

No, what I meant was: You are jumping between genres… isn’t this a $some_genre blog?

No, it is not. I have a somewhat broad taste in music and I like to share all of it with you. If that bothers you, I recommend looking at the tags at the bottom of the posts - they should provide a vague impression to what genre the reviewed music might belong.

You are always comparing stuff to other bands!

I am very sorry about that. It is just nearly impossible for me to describe certain elements without referring to someone who has done something similar before and who you might already know. As for most musicians and bands on this page I fear the latter will not be the case. I try to keep it at a minimum and the least I want to do is to reduce musicians that I describe as “sounding a little like Coldplay” to a cheap knock-off. They are rarely cheap and in no way knock-offs. That might be difficult to understand, but it is just that.

Where do you find your music?

Mostly on alternative music portals, in blogs or music shows on not so well-known internet radio stations. Listening to BBC Radio One will do sometimes, if they have an experimental electronic music evening. Browsing Bandcamp has left me broke so many times and I do (not, if you are already broke) recommend it. Jamendo has once been a viable source for music, but it no longer is for me. Listening to a’s artist radio helped a few times, but there is too much white noise.

And how do you find your music? Is it exhausting?

Oh hell yes, it is. But it is rewarding, too. I can not explain how it happens, though. Sometimes I look at covers and if I like them, I tune in. Other times, I just browse stuff other people liked, who also liked the stuff I liked or hated. Sometimes it is just blind luck. I do not need anything special for that though, except an internet connection and proper headphones.

What do you think about Audio-Piracy? It is a bad thing, is it not?

It is great! It really is. But before you grab your guns and forks, please listen. I really like to pay for stuff that I like. But I contrariwise do not like to keep stuff I don’t like. With nearly everything today, we get the chance of a test drive. Then we would decide if we wanted to keep and thus pay for it, or if we wanted to drop it.

I fall in love with music very frequently, but very rarely has it happened for the 45 seconds (or whatever) of low quality preview from a download site. I like to think back to the record shops, that put on a CD you found and let you sit there for hours without urging you to buy it. I think that if more labels would offer the opportunity to listen to their music on demand in full length, piracy would drop. They would sell more of the stuff people really like - but probably less of the may flies and one-hit wonders. I do not know if that would be a bad thing. In short: I like to try and buy. But if I don’t buy, I don’t keep it. Call it “honest pirating”.

But there is Spotify/Google Play All Inclusive/iTunes whatever/…!

Yes, there is. And I do have a premium subscription. It is a good tool to browse, but some albums are cut down to the two or three radio hit singles. Most of the time you don’t get to listen to the whole thing. That is peculiar bulls**t for these songs are all too often the best. Do not get me started on missing old releases. In my book, these platforms are for the fleeting stars, summer hits and stuff you listen to for two weeks and do not want to clutter your hard drive / record shelf with.